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Inspire your life Coaching

What if you could feel safe regardless of your circumstances? 

What if you knew you were being guided even when your head was spinning? 

What if you didn’t have to figure it all out, whatever ‘it’ may be, because it isn’t only on you?

What if you could feel a deep connection with yourSelf and with life ? 


You can, we all can, it's our birthright. 


You can wake up from the 'stories' of the conditioned mind and listen to your heart, and be who you really are.

There’s not more to do, there’s more to see. This is what we will explore together. 


Here are some benefits you can expect from these coaching sessions: an improved Self-Awareness, an enhanced clarity and sense of direction, more resilience and inner peace, heightened creativity and insights, more fulfilment and joy, and a general sense of well-being, naturalness and flow.

If you would like to find out more, contact me today or schedule your free discovery session


I offer coaching packages to individuals in France or abroad via Zoom or Skype, in English or French.

There's a serene quality to Christel's voice and presence that brings a sense of reassurance. You can feel her deeply listening, engaging in a subtle, deep level of attentiveness. It's as if she envelops you with her presence, creating a space where you feel heard and understood.
~ Laurence M.

Beyond the mind, the heart beats.

Can you hear your heart beating?

What stories are holding you back? 

We are born storytellers. Our lives are made up of stories.


And the problem is that they seem true, obvious even, so there's no reason to question them! 


What I think I am is what I am.

What I think the world is is what the world is. 

And now I have to find happiness in all this.


We are prisoners of these stories that we take to be reality. We never question them because we don't see them. They are our premise.

You can only see what you believe in, nothing else is possible. ~ Katie Byron


So anything we put in place to change the lines in our lives will be limited by these premises, and doomed to failure or to limited and ephemeral results. 


We each have our own particular and original palette of 'stories'. The important thing is to highlight those that cause us suffering and limit our well-being and fulfillment, so that we can live a life in alignment with our true aspirations. 



Just imagine...  Who would you be without your story?

What new horizon would you have? 

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